Gain Ultra Powder Laundry Detergent, Original (206 oz., 180 loads)

Two weeks of fantastic freshness in one small scoop!

Cool and crisp with intangible charm. Just one scoop has as much freshness as an entire box of the leading baking soda detergent with Oxi*. 

* 1 dose Gain Original powder vs. a 42 load box of the leading baking soda detergent with Oxi.


  • Original scent
  • Concentrated - use 1/3 less
  • Safe for septic tanks
  • Contains no phosphates


From the Manufacturer

Product Description

The scent of Gain Original powder laundry detergent brings a lively scent to your laundry room. Powerful Lift & Lock Technology lifts away dirt and stains so you can lock in the amazing scent you love. With bursts of citrus, a green twist, and just enough floral fragrance, you’ll wish laundry day came more often.


Features & Benefits


Lift & Lock™ Technology
Lift away dirt and stains from laundry and lock in the amazing scent of Gain Original detergent.

Amazing Gain Scent
The scent that started it all has bursts of citrus, a green twist, and the perfect amount of fresh, floral fragrance.

Gain Scent for Every Room
Take the great scent of Gain all around your house with products made for a great clean and an even greater scent.



Why does powder laundry detergent sometimes get lumpy?
Glad you asked! Heat, humidity, or dampness can cause powder detergent to harden or clump. So be sure to store your powder detergent in a cool, dry place. And if you just can’t resist driving door-to-door to share that terrific Gain® scent, don’t forget to take the detergent out of your trunk when you’re done!

How do I know my clothes are clean?
When you can’t see if your laundry is clean, the scents of Gain let you know a super cleaning has occurred. Lift & Lock™ Technology helps trap dirt to lock in amazing scent so you can keep clothing looking and smelling great!

How does Gain work to give such a great-smelling clean?
The Gain laundry detergent formula has special ingredients that trap and get rid of soils and dirt that generate that stinky smell of dirty clothing. That way our scents can better blossom for your fragrance delight!

Why don’t I see suds in my wash water?
Well, the amount of suds varies based on other stuff like water temperature and how big or dirty your load is. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see a lot of suds. Gain always works hard to give you sparkling clean, awesome-smelling laundry.

Let’s say I accidentally...
Hey, laundry goof-ups happen. Don’t let them come between you and the great scent of Gain. When in doubt, rewash it. It’ll help remove that spaghetti sauce from last night’s dinner, and you’ll get to inhale the wonderfully intoxicating scent of Gain all over again. It’s a win-win situation.

How do you get so much great scent in one little box?
It’s a science thing. Something to do with particles and surfactants and other things forgotten from high school chemistry. For more information, visit

What temperature should I wash my laundry at?
Gain can be used at any temperature, but, to best protect colors and use less energy, the cold setting may be your best option. No matter the temperature, the scent will be incredible.


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